At Volvo Pit Stop, we specialize in the repair and service of Volvo cars since 1976. With specialization in Volvo cars and with a certified Volvo technician, we only guarantee the best quality service at the most reasonable prices.

We, at Volvo Pit Stop, have the current knowledge and latest tools to correctly repair your Volvo. Our certified team of Volvo technicians offer the highest quality of service and repair available for your Volvo.

Our Services

  • Factory Maintenance
  • V.I.P. Extended Warranty
  • A.C. Service
  • Minor Body Work
  • Software Upgrade
  • Key & Remote Downloads
  • Network Module Downloads and Upgrades
"We know what your Volvo needs and we service it the Volvo Pit Stop way..."

Regular service and maintenance is what will allow your Volvo to preserve its reputation. At Volvo Pit Stop, we ensure that your Volvo is safe and reliable by using only the current special tools and thorough diagnosis to keep your Volvo in its excellent condition. We do it fast and we do it right the first time!